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Monday, March 24, 2008

Lindsay Lohan

lindsay lohan photo
Lindsay Lohan is a special woman who had to see ups and down too early in her life. Thats why she became our interest and we like her for her talents of acting and singing. In the incidents she involved , for which she was trialed, punished, she may be ignorant or innocent too in a way. The riches might have spoilt. We can not find fault with her when the entire american society is contaminated with drugs and cocaine , leave alone alchohol.
lindsay lohan standing pose photo
Lindsay lohan , who was born on july 2, 1986 is of cancer zoidac sign. This sign tells that she is sensitive, tenacious, retentive, resourceful, self-contained, family and home oriented. From the age of 10, she started her career as a child model for magazines and television ads.At the age of 11, she acted in disney movie parental trap as identical twins. Her movies freaky friday, confessions of teen age drama queen made her popular. She was born in long island and she has irish and italian heritage. Lohan mother was rocketeer and father worked with his pasta business for some time and then futures trading and investments. He had to spend time in prision twice for some frad cases in his profession.
lindsay lohan looking backwards
Lohan was quoted number 3 in top 100 sexiest woman in the world After the incidents , her career was not very encouraging. Some useless critics commented that her career is over just before these incidents. But i believe, it is not so. she has yet lot of career and work to be done. Thats why God is great. None can predict what happens. When some thing appears as if over, it may not be over but it would revive.

Lohan has liking to continue her studies, if she has lot of time. LIndsay lohan is taking help from rehab and surely she will be alright.


Sunday, September 2, 2007

Lindsay Lohan special to all

Irish Spring
Lohan is of Irish and Italian heritage and was raised as a Catholic. Her maternal family were "well known Irish Catholic stalwarts" in Merrick, with her great-grandfather, John L Sullivan, being a co-founder of the Pro-life Party in Long Island. In 2005, Lohan explained to a TEENick audience that she had decided to use Morgan as her middle name because it sounded more professional.
Lohan was voted #10 on the list of "100 Sexiest Women" by readers of FHM.[33] Maxim placed her at #3 on its 2006 Hot 100 list. In 2007, Lohan placed at #1 on the Maxim "Hot 100".


With Pam Anderson

Lindsay Dee Lohan (born July 2, 1986) is an American actress and pop music singer. Lohan started in show business as a child fashion model for magazine advertisement and television commercials. At age 10, she began her acting career in a soap opera; at 11, she made her motion picture debut by playing identical twins in Disney's 1998 remake of The Parent Trap

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Lohan's Stardom
Lohan rose to stardom with her leading roles in the films Freaky Friday, Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen, Mean Girls and Herbie: Fully Loaded. Her subsequent roles include appearances in A Prairie Home Companion and Bobby. In 2004, Lohan launched a second career in pop music yielding the albums Speak (2004) and A Little More Personal (Raw) (2005).